Client Experiences

We have the pleasure of crafting quality products that enhance lives and promote wellness. Your family’s health and well being is important to us, and it’s always a joy to read your kind words and experiences. Thank you for sharing!


“Finally after a week of waking up in the middle of the night to a painful migraine I used the migraine serum and finally got a good night’s rest! Have tried everything and nothing worked ,but finally!! Thank you! — feeling relieved.” ~Stephanie H.


“I have severe knee and leg pain. Tonight i used the anti -inflammatory and pain relief from you. For the first time in 17 years my leg doesn’t hurt. I’m impressed. Seriously for pain this stuff is amazing! Thanks!” ~Wendy M.


“We’re thrilled with your Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relief Potion. My husband’s been in pain for months, diagnosed with nerve damage in one knee. One application brought the burning sensation down, and by the second day the pain is gone. He’s using it on both knees, his shoulder and back and feels great again. 

I’m using this for arthritis pain in my hands, something I’ve dealt with for a couple of decades. The difference is huge. In spite of being hard on my hands on a daily basis the pain is minimal now.

It’s surprising how un-oily (that’s a real word…) a 100% oil potion is. It’s absorbed quickly and neatly and never leaves a mark on our clothes.

Thank you!”~Robin F.


“I’m not one to write reviews but the balancing serum I got is AMAZING best thing I’ve ever used! Smells great and I can feel it working, moods up and I can feel my ovaries pushing out my cyst after using the serum! Best way to treat anything when it’s all natural! I can’t wait to start using the oil in my diffuser!” ~Amanda C.


“The deodorant works great and smells good too!” ~Jared C.